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The CDC recommends that everyone be prepared for a nuclear disaster.

You are at more risk than you think. 1 in 15 houses in the US carries dangerous levels of Radon, a toxic radioactive gas known for causing cancer. People in Ontario are getting lung cancer from Radon gas. After Fukushima, there is a ‘silent pandemic’ of brain tumours all along the western seaboard. You absorb between 550-1900mrem (unit of radiation) per year, just from the atmosphere.

Even at light doses, Radiation sickness can be fatal. A fatal radiation dose kills within hours. Sickness can be onset fast, or over the course of months. It causes:

  • Severe Cancer
  • Brain Tumors
  • Leukemia
  • ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease)
  • Low Blood Pressure and Cardiac Events (Heart Attack/Stroke)
  • Excessive Fever
  • Nausea, Blood Filled Vomiting
  • Hemorrhaging
  • And much more….


Here’s the story of Rad-X


During the second world war, there was a Japanese doctor who had the highest success rate of curing radiation poisoning to date. Due to war rationing, iodine tablets were not available to him, but yet his method saved far more lives than the doctors who were given iodine tablets. Iodine tablets protect the thyroid, but people still died of radiation exposure, because iodine does not protect other cells in the body. Fallout still exposes you to harmful levels of radiation that can liquefy your cells and kill you, even with iodine treatment.

This Japanese doctor created a revolutionary method that not only protected the body from radiation, but flushed harmful radiation out of the body, therefore protecting all cells. He saved the lives of those who were most exposed and would have died under other doctors' care. Based on this principle we created Rad-X. We assembled a team with 30+ years of PhD and medical expertise to create a product that does more than even the Japanese doctor’s original method. We believe in our product, and want you to believe that nobody has to succumb to radiation poisoning no matter the exposure.

You take precautions every day to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. You know first-aid, you wear your seatbelt, and you child-proof your house. People lose lives every day from others not helping in a time of need. Don’t bear the burden of death, take the precaution, and don’t let you or your loved ones die in a disaster. A nuclear event could happen anytime. Buy Rad-X now!


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    We recommend at least 12 bottles per kit to completely detox from radiation. (for a family of 4) 

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