The story of ST

After ‘M’, another friend, a military serviceman and retired Law Enforcement Officer and firearms instructor came to me with similar symptoms. Swelling of hands and extremities, severe joint pain, difficulty moving, slow neurological responses and a flurry of other symptoms. He couldn’t sleep, he wouldn’t eat, but yet he was gaining weight like a pig. His medical doctor administered blood tests and diagnosed him with ‘acute lead poisoning’.

He was an active shooter, and thus was exposed to lead via the bullets he touched. But he took every precaution to avoid lead poisoning with the bullets. He wore gloves, washed his hands regularly, and kept his ammunition in a sealed box. Even with all the precaution, he was still poisoned! The culprit? Air. The shooting range had an extremely high level of toxic lead in the air from all the gunfire. Just by breathing he was exposed, and poisoned. Further analysis showed that he had likely been exposed to dangerously toxic levels of lead for months. His brain, bones, and joints were accumulating lead, shutting down vital functions and degrading his livelihood. He started taking Lead-X regularly. Months later he was back at the range!

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Patient N


Patient N was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. 

Not being satisfied with her diagnosis she went to another specialist. They found out that the culprit was from handling pesticides and that she had a severe acute reaction to it. As we know, pesticides contain neural toxins and lead. Neural toxins often cause joint inflammation. She had swelling in all of her joints, wrists, hands, shoulders, ribs, even swelling in the vertebra of her spine.

Doctors started her on arthritis medication immediately and after months of no improvement, told her this would be a lifelong condition. Being an active citizen, N found out about X-Detox products and reached out to us. From her misdiagnosis alone we could tell she actually had been contaminated with numerous toxins from the pesticides. Remember, lead and other heavy metals are commonly found in pesticides, which she had an allergic reaction to.

Without telling her doctors she started treatment on Lead-X. At her next checkup, three months later, doctors found no signs of arthritis or swelling of any joints. N had regained function throughout her entire body and was living pain-free. Doctors couldn’t believe what they were seeing, they deemed her recovery “miraculous” and raved about how amazing new arthritis medication was! Unbeknownst to them, N had stopped taking her arthritis medication at the moment she started Lead-X.

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